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The House of Blues Gallery
Works created summer 2013 for HOB, inspired by Chrysalis, Jeff Glazier's last album, from later in 2013
The first bits of album art for the actual album!
Click any Image to see it better.

How Does it  all Work
I made this piece on  stage during the concert at the House of Blues!
It was an exhilirating experience being right there with Jeff Glazier,
reacting to the music and  allowing this work to take shape.

The Beauty kissing the Skinless Man, or is she devouring him?
How Does It All Work-detail
This is a detailed view of  the smoke figures in the upper center, The Beauty Kissing The Skinless Man,
or is she devouring him?

The Engineer, so close to the workings(Can you see his bum?)

Omega The Emperor, where he points and what he says is reality(Doctor Who anyone?)

Images in Smoke
Images in Smoke

The Elder Had Seen Something Like This Before
Now in the private collection of  Ms. Sarah Kaye

The Elder-Details
Here you can see the figure of  The Elder himself, followed by a detail of the torso and chest of the female figure in the right foreground, and then a twisted rear view of that figure.
A fun thing to do with these details is to stare at them for a while, then go back to the full piece. You'll see what I mean if you give it a try.

Neurological Tragedy
Neurological  Tragedy
This one is a start at illustrations for Jeff's album CHRYSALIS
titled after the song.
Painted on glass, this is now in the private collection of Lucia and Jason Fiero.
See details below:

detail 1           Gears to Spine detail


Below are the latest Illustrations for CHRYSALIS

Sock Waltz
The Traveller Enters

Find The Faces

Run, Run for your Life!
(The Treacherous Coridoor)

Where the FUCK am I?
(Note the cartoon of Jeff in the top center)
This painting is now in the personal collection of
Mr. Peadar Donohoe of Ireland

Flower Girl
Flower Girl
(You can see a  shadow of  "The Lovers" which is based on My best friend and his wife kissing at their wedding,  The actual Flower girl is their daughter, Amanda Grace)

Convocas, iam, super me
(Here you can see "The Lovers", along with  Their son James' face, and some strange onlookers)

I'm waiting for some really excellent photos of the rest of my new stuff, so please drop by again  for more.
Until then, if you haven't  had a chance to do so, why not take a look at some of my classic works?
Love to you all!
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