Shutter Island
Everyone keeps asking about this....

Okay, The rumors are actually true.
I was chosen to work as a nude inmate in the "dungeon" sequence in Shutter Island, but I can now confirm that footage including my three-pronged ass was not used in the original theatrical release.
In short, I was cut. But here's hoping you might get a chance to see me in a future director's cut. I'd been sworn to secrecy by Paramount Pictures about ANY details having to do with the project, but I can now safely share some of the experience with you.
 The director, Martin Scorsese(Wow, yeah, I'm still flipping over that!), had a bunch of guys who were willing to take their clothes off stand in a line and he and his creative staff reviewed us(like a military inspection) down to our fingernails(the worse the better evidently in this case) to determine who would become his nude mental patients.
For the record, my fingernails were in great shape, but I had other desirable qualities. Once he decided who was to be incarcerated(for their own good and that of society in general), he sent us, his elite corp of seven madmen, off to be deloused. I enjoyed that.
It was a freeing experience to be shaved clean like that, and the hair stylist was a jolly fun fellow and something of a raconteur. The fun was just beginning. We were called for the next morning to work on makeup and to start filming.

There's more, I'll tell you about it later...

I will tell you that Leonardo Dicaprio is a really nice guy, Martin Scorcese is actually every bit as good as they say he is, and I'm not listed in the credits yet. That's because my part is so small. But I'll actually get listed at IMDB if I can get two more roles LIKE this one, so if you know anyone looking for a fearless performer, send them my way! PLEASE!

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