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Red Simon

Lynne's Great Adventure   

Run, Run For Your Life!

Abode of The Unknown

Lonely City


Come Together

All above prints only $20 each, suitable for 8X10 framing, shipping is free!
To order a print, just email doctor@docmadison.org with your mailing address.
New Works

Have a look at the works from  last summer's big event in the Foundation Room at
 The House of Blues!
The work with Jeff Glazier onstage at The House of Blues started  a new project. A new Experience,
So now you can see some of the works that became part of  his album Chrysalis, which is coming out soon.
If you  find the artwork in any way interesting, buy his album and see what it all really means. You won't be dissapointed.
This Chrysalis project is really something!
Doc's Other Projects


The Erosphere Gallery

Shutter Island- February 2010
Voice Talent Samples Some of Doc's Scenic Designs
My Classic Art Galleries Crazy Animation
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I KILL Vampires
I Kill Vampires
Doc as a VAMPIRE Hunter in Carmilla!

Considering  Doc for some big  role in your big  film?
Doc  is on file with

Doc Madison's Online Resume
Boston Casting
Grant Wilfley Casting

In the summer of 2012 Doc showed several paintings at the River's Edge and looks forward to showing next time
For now, Have a look into those who were  involved in this event:
River's Edge's 2nd Annual Art Show took place on Saturday, September 22 from 11 am to 3 pm.  Works of local artists, including artists from EMARC, Everett Arts Association, Malden Arts, Malden Sketch Group, Medford Arts Center, Inc. and Mystic Valley Elder Services,  were displayed along the Great Lawn. On the same date the Tri-City Community Action Program  sponsored the 34th Annual Malden River Festival at the Park, with live entertainment, info/demo tables, family-fun activities and  great art.
River's Edge

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Doc's work is also featured at ArtBuzz!

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Doc Madison is also available to speak at your event. Send all requests for public or private appearances to the Janet Klinger  Agency through this web site, and please be sure to state whether you want  just a speech or the full demonstration.