Here Is Letters to a Student Revolutionary, Produced In March 2003. 

Director: LesleyChapman
Production Manager: Doc Madison
Scenic Design: Gino Ng
Lighting Design: Amy Lee 


That Liberty Torch Actually Works. It's a Modified Flashlight into Which We Mounted a Powerful
Halogen Lamp!

You May Notice Alot Of Images Behind the Actors. These Were Done With a Series of Slide Projectors, and Some 50 or 60 Different slides. This was EXTREMEY Expensive, as We Had To Find Specific Images From China That Were Authentic(The Director, Lesley Chapman, Donated Her Pay for This Play in Order to allow us to Afford Them). And The Slide Projectors Were Very Hard to Work With. Every Week I had to Repair or Refocus Them.

I'd Like To Bring Your Attention to the Lighting Here. The Lighting Designer for this Show, Amy Lee, Was a True Artist, And Really Made the Most of Our Meager Equipment.

The Set Design, By Gino Ng, Is Excellent. Notice the 'Bamboo' in Some of These Shots. That isn't Real Bamboo. Because of the High Cost of Bamboo We Chose to Use PVC Pipe. To Give it the look of Bamboo, We Used Small Elastic Bands Wrapped at Random Intervals, and then Painted The Shafts to Create Detailing Which Made it all Look Like Bamboo.
I'd Also Like to Thank Josh Shorr, Our Master Carpenter, Who is, Amongst Other Things, an Experienced Sailor, and Knew Just the Right Way To Lash The Faux 'Bamboo' Together So it Would Hold Up Nice and Solid and Look Real.

The Masks, However, Are Mounted on Actual Bamboo Shafts Which We Had in Stock.
I Think Our Faux Bamboo looks More Like The Real Thing!

These Projection Panels Are All Made of Paper. It was a Pains-Taking Process to Glue Them in Place Just the Way We Wanted them to Look. The Backdrop is Actually a Paper Paint Drop Cloth. We Liked it Because of the Price, It Was Cheap, And Because it Had Some Great Fold Marks in it That Rang True As Fine Rice Paper, Even Though It was Made of Ordinary Newsprint.


Here's a short list of plays that I have either designed or played a large role in the design process:

Believe it or not, all of these pictures were taken in the same room!
Production Designer Production Manager/Head of Design Team
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