Here Is Morning Star, Directed by Suzanne Bixby. 

Production Designer: Doc Madison 

This is The Floorplan and Thumbnail Sketch,
Where The Whole Process Begins.
Note That The Floorplan Includes Measurements, Needed by the Director To Have An Idea Of How Much Room There is for The Actors To Move Around.

This is The Production Drawing, From This The Design Team and Building Crew Get An Idea Of How The Space Is Going To End Up.
Remember this Drawing, and compare it to the finished product.

Then I Add Some Preliminary Colouring In the Next Drawing

Now I Go To Work With The Master Carpenter, Here We Placed The Flats, which make up the walls of the house, and Doors.
VERY heavy flats, almost a ton of them, literally about a ton, And I Personally Hate Hanging Doors. But The Doors WORK THE FIRST TIME OUT! That's a big deal.....even if they are a little crooked to start with.
It doesn't look like much yet, but stick with us.

Moving Along Here, More Flats for Walls, Starting To Get Some Masking Issues Sorted Out.
Masking is When You Hang Black Curtains or Flats, in order to Keep Backstage Out Of View.
You Can really see alot of backstage here.

The First Coat Of Paint. I Changed My Mind Slightly on Colouring so the Set Would Look Prettier With The Existing Furniture Available. I'm Guilty of Alot of Cheap Tricks on This Set.

But NOW We're Cooking! The Scenic Painter, Gino, Arrives and Starts to Make the Place Come to Life.
There's Alot Of Paint There Already, But There Will Be Oh... So Much More.

Nearing Completion, But Many Details Are Missing. The Floor For Instance Is From The Last Show, and Must Be Repainted. Detail Work Must Be Done To The Walls and Doors. And Many Small Set Decorations Will Be Added.

Look...... There are PEOPLE! That kid needs some proper shoes though.

Now We're Getting There. We Have Period Furnishings In Place, Woodwork is Starting to Take Shape, And Some Vintage Pictures Are Here. Note The Wedding Picture, That's My Grand Parents There.
See the Floor? It's Newly Painted.

Now We're Really Cookin' Props and other details are all there now. Pay Close Attention to the Norman Rockwell Plate Above The Piano.

The Antique Side Board. Note That The Mirror is Frosted. We Use A Special Mixture Applied to The Glass To Keep The Stage Lights From Creating Glare In The Eyes Of The Audience

And Finally We Have Some Pics Of the Front Door. This Is Actually A Flat Piece of Wood Painted To Look Like It's a Door. All That Wood Grain is an Illusion! These Pictures Show That Pretty Clearly I think.

So Here it is, From The Original Sketch to The Final Set. Sorry About The Blurry Picture.

And That's All Folks.

Please Feel Free to Copy and Save any Pictures You Like.

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