Spinning Into Butter
Directed by Lesley Chapman
Designed by Doc Madison

This Show Won The Elliot Norton Award for

Outstanding Production By A Fringe Theatre Company

in May of 2003.

 Elliot Norton Award

In This Case We Worked With A Quick Groundplan, And an Idea of What The Floor Would Look Like.

With The Help Of Gino, A Floor Is Painted, And The Reality Of This Place is Realized.
This Looks Like A Hardwood Floor, But Really It's All Just Paint On A Black Homosote Floor!
And We Repaint It For The Next Show.
 Elliot Norton Award

Here's a short list of plays that I have either designed or played a large role in the design process:

Believe it or not, all of these pictures were taken in the same room!
Production Designer Production Manager/Head of Design Team
Spinning Into Butter  Letters to a Student Revolutionary 
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