Here Is Our Sixth Season Finale....ROMULUS!
Romulus Was Designed by My  Dear Friend Drew Francis

The Very First Sketches of the Floorplan, Along With TONS of Background Material and Research, This is just a SMALL Sample. Drew Does His Homework For Sure.

From That Point Drew Made This Production Drawing

And This Floorplan, Which The Director Was Able To Use as a Starter

And Then A colour Drawing So The Painters Could Make It Happen

Here's Drew in the Space Talking About  How Things Will Look

So We Started Building. We Built Quite a Few More Platforms, Extending Our Stage WAY Out Into The Theatre.

Here, We Have All of Those Platforms in Place, Ready to be Painted!

Now Almost Fully Painted, We See It Taking Shape!
That's Drew's Son There On The Set.

Here's a short list of plays that I have either designed or played a large role in the design process:

Believe it or not, all of these pictures were taken in the same room!
Production Designer Production Manager/Head of Design Team
Spinning Into Butter  Letters to a Student Revolutionary 
Forget Herostratus Romulus
What Time Is It
Morning Star Back to


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