Here Is What Time Is It?   An Original Play By
Vladimir Zelevinsky
Director: LesleyChapman
Scenic Design: Doc Madison
Lighting Design: Amy Lee

The Lighting here is exceptional, great work by Amy Lee, one of my absolute favorite people to work with and a kickin' Lighting Designer!
I think we had some 15 lights useable  for this production.

Please note the wall there behind our friend Michael. I painted that to be a sort of abstract clockwork. In reality, Amy Lee came up with a clever way of using gobos to make the painted clockwork look like it could move backwards and forwards to give an effect of time flowing in either direction. The character had the power to control time.

A kind of blurry pic of the whole upstage part of the set. Maybe you can get an idea of how the painting and light worked to create the dynamism we ultimately achieved....I wish I had a video of this.

Our props Master, Alicia Gregoire, helped to make dozens of  timepieces. Sorry for the slightly out of focus pics.

You see that title behind Peter Brown?

We used a special mixture of paint and mud from my back yard to make it dissapear before the audince's eyes!

On the left you see the space not yet finished. I was still working on the clockwork, and hadn't laid out the "crazy paving" over  what at that time was a frightening bright blue. The box would eventually get several layers of mud and paint to become part of the  city walls with a disapsearing/reappearing  message saying WHAT TIME IS IT?

Lovely costumes by Tracey Campbell.

Cheap Trick Watch: Some of the templates used to paint the wall include a Ford Mustang hubcap, a Hoola-Hoop, and several paint can tops, as well as a few Gel frames. Don't miss the ladder. It's an 8 foot step ladder we still use around the place.Do you see that odd looking item middle left next to the shelves? That's my "See You Next Wednesday". I put it somewhere in most shows I design.

Yindi Vatanavan 

This is Yindi Vatanavan, the Assistant Director.

She worked closely with Lesley Chapman, the Director of this piece and Artistic Director for our company.

I love how Lesley let us all do our creative best and brought out some amazing performances from the actors. She's a great collaborative artist.

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